My name is Ragen Chastain.  I’m the author of the blog Dances With Fat and I was inspired to start this project when I saw a video of newscaster Jennifer Livingston standing up to her bullies on air saying, in part, “we are better than our bullies.”  That idea inspired me – not that we are intrinsically better but that we can take a higher road, behave better than our bullies and be an example for people who are struggling with bullying.

So I decided to start the “Better Than the Bullies” project so that people who are struggling with bullying can have a place to see people standing up to their bullies – telling the bullies, in their own way and words, that the bullies have no power over them.

You are welcomed to get involved!  This project is welcoming and affirming of people of all body sizes, appearances, ages, gender identities, weights, sexes, races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions, sexual identities, dis/abilities, social classes, and political identifications, and regardless of why or when you were bullied:

1.   Create a video/picture/graphic/letter/whatever that shows how you stand up to bullies.  If it’s a video then post it to YouTube, and send an e-mail with the link to ragen at danceswithfat dot org For anything else just e-mail it to me.

2.  Pass the word along about the project on Facebook/Twitter etc.

3.  Send me your questions, ideas and suggestion to make the project better  ragen at danceswithfat dot org


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