Better than the Bullies

Being “Better than the Bullies” isn’t about saying that we are intrinsically better than anyone else. It’s about better behavior – taking the high road, doing better than spending our lives trying to make others feel bad in the hopes that it will make us feel better. We are standing up, we are fighting back, we are better than the bullies.  This project is welcoming and affirming of people of all body sizes, appearances, ages, gender identities, weights, sexes, races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions, sexual identities, dis/abilities, social classes, and political identifications.  No matter why or when you were bullied, if you find yourself inspired, you are welcomed to get involved!  (Special thanks to SeventhBard for creating the fantastic header image!)

Blog post from Fat Body Politics

Jodi’s Bully Letter

To the Bullies – An Open Letter

The video that started it all:

  1. Can we share these videos on our facebook pages?

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